Here are written testimonials from clients that have come to see John for hypnotherapy….

J Vagiliani, Essex

“It only took me a few sessions for my whole perspective to change in such a positive way. What I used to call stressful situations are now dealt with a clarity of mind. The physical attributes of stress have also gone. I have learnt to enjoy the now, enjoy the present moment and not be stuck in the past or worry about the possible future. Highly recommended.”

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John Jenkinson – Peaceful Hypnotherapy


Facebook Review. Essex

“A real life changing, empowering journey. I was at one stage so stressed that I couldn’t remember my passwords at work. Now it all washes over me and I can recall codes like a genetic scientist. It works without you realising. A sense of peace.”

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Jess Hayward, Ipswich U.K.

“This is my first time seeing John, I have had hypnotherapy before but this time round with John it has worked. I feel like the weight has been lifted, his approach was what helped this time. I would definitely recommend him to others and I would come back to him again”

Thank you for your comments Jess. Wishing you the best in future.

John Jenkinson


Wendy Cook, Suffolk U.K.

“I think everyone should spend a couple of hours with John. He has changed my life!”

Glad to have been of service Wendy it was a pleasure working with you.