Hypnotherapy Weight Loss

10 ways to lose weight easily with the use of hypnosis

Here are ten simple proven methods for losing weight. They are not remarkable on their own but conjunction with each other they create a new slimmer version of you in a remarkably subtle way. Read on let me know your thoughts.

1. Redefine you relationship with food

We all have a relationship with food that we have learnt as far back as our early childhood. What we like and what we don’t like is decided very early on. Some of us are more emotionally charged towards our food than others.  Where ever you sit on the scale of emotional dependency doesn’t really matter just as long as you can find a way to redefine that very personal relationship with your food.

2. Forget about diets

Contrary to popular belief dieting doesn’t work. It’s a fact that slim people that are of a slim mindset stay slim  without the need for dieting. What’s more if you have the ability to let go of your dieting you actually let go of part of the burden carried by your heaviness.

3. Program your mind to become slimmer

It’s so simple, by reprogramming your mind to be slim, you can redefine your relationship with food and can let go of successive yoyo dieting.

4. Boost your metabolism

As you start to lose weight gradually, your metabolic rate increases. Making it even easier to lose weight in future and the more weight you lose the more likely it is to stay off. Particularly if you have redefined your relationship with food, forgot about dieting and re-programmed your mind to be slim.

5. Overcome cravings

Cravings fall into to two categories, either they are recognised as thoughts you can control, or as unconscious feelings you have no awareness of. So cravings don’t need to be reprogrammed and they don’t need to have a special relationship within your behaviour either.

6. Increase you confidence

As you start to lose weight you start to remember who you really are. Naturally slim people can remember their slimmer self more often than larger people. By remembering who you are, becoming slimmer is so much easier.

7. Believe in yourself

If you have been slim before you just have to believe you can be slim again. If this is difficult at first don’t worry because when you remember what it’s like to be slim and start to feel lighter you will start to believe in yourself without even having to think about it.

8. Improve yourself image

As you are within, you project without. Choose how you think you look and stick to it. Much easier when you reprogram your mind too be slim.

 9. Elevate your determination

The good news is you are not required to climb Mount Everest. Even though the world’s greatest explorers had a support team. When losing weight with the right support you will wonder why you ever had to be so determined in the first place.  

10. Reduce your stress

Will power can fade and losing weight is much less stressful when you don’t have to rely on will power alone.