Hypnotherapy Stress Anxiety

Whether it be hypnotherapy in Ipswich or hypnotherapy London we can help you here. These are six common symptoms that may mean you are feeling stressed out or anxious. Hypnotherapy is a fantastic tool to overcome some of the experiences below;

1. You are unconsciously thinking about the future

Stress that leads to the feelings of anxiety are normally activated by feelings around the fear of the future. This negative style of thinking can be tricky to identify on our own, as much of our thinking is unconscious and the feelings of fear are rational at one level or another.

2. You have Feelings of dread or negativity

When we are stuck in a cycle of stress we can’t always see a way out. As one stressed activity leads to another the problem, reaction type strategy can make you feel helpless to the point you dread what might happen next. Hypnotherapy can help overcome this kind of cycle.

3. Having problems sleeping at night?

When we close our eyes of an evening we may find ourselves over thinking. Trying to consciously grapple with tasks that need to be carried out the next day. Learn to let go of what you need to do until it’s presented to you. You have all the resources you need.

4. Accelerated breathing triggered by certain situations?

When we feel anxious our breathing becomes shallower. Even the thought of a new or everyday situation can cause you stress. Hypnotherapy can program your subconscious mind to think about these situations differently.

5. You are feeling tired or drained

Any heightened emotion will make you tired. Stress leading to anxiety is not different. This is a burden you can shake off once you have a good night’s sleep, restoring your sense of clarity.

6. You have become agitated and short in your communication

Stress is a fear response activating our fight or flight instincts. People that suffer from stress unconsciously communicate to avert an impeding threat or crisis. Your communication skills will improve when you remember how to relax naturally.