About Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is an effective way of adjusting deep rooted perceptions that may be having an impact on your day to day life. Hypnotherapy is suitable for a variety of different aliments and conditions and is widely recognised as a good alternative to mainstream treatments.

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Using a range of approaches benefits our clients more than a one size fits  all approach. Insisting that a therapy practitioner must be able to work  with more than one method of therapeutic change. So integrating various  techniques that hold recognition for being effective and long lasting. Our  methods include; Ericksonian Hypnosis, NLP, Cognitive Hypnotherapy  and Deep Subconscious Analysis. This ensures we go beyond suggestion  therapy, giving us the ability to help most people that want to attend a  hypnotherapy session.

What Takes Place?

We start by building an overall picture of your particular life challenge or condition. From here we can agree a specific therapy program. This ensures that we understand you as much as possible and that we all know which direction we are heading in. You will experience a feeling of deep relaxation and it is then possible for the practitioner to assist you in the area required. Giving you positive suggestions as well as long lasting change. Each session should provide a level of clarity from your experience and often our clients report a general sense of well being, or of feeling free and liberated.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy 

Allows our clients to unlock suppressed memories or triggers that maybe affecting the way you behave and feel now. There are many appropriate uses for hypnosis that help redefine your interpretation of the past positively. It has the unique ability to access the subconscious mind whilst allowing you to be consciously aware of all that takes place. This is the opposite to say Cognitive Behavior Therapy whereby the client is encouraged to consciously send directives to the subconscious mind via repetition and practice. (a much longer process for change) This isn’t to say that all therapy must take place from a subconscious stand point. Cognitive hypnotherapy offers the perfect balance between consciously adjusting our beliefs and behaviors and subconsciously improving your interpretation of past events and traumas. The wide range of methods and resources available to us, enables the client to respond in a effective and peaceful manner. So our treatment can support your current circumstances whilst generating new opportunities for change from within.



John Jenkinson – CNHC GHSC