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Clacton Hypnotherapy

Peaceful Hypnotherapy is an established and experienced hypnotherapy practice. Covering hypnotherapy in Clacton we administer clinical hypnotherapy to our clients that can benefit the most from our services. To establish exactly how we can help you we invite you to contact us for an initial confidential conversation.

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Hours & Location

Peaceful People House, Saddlebrook Chase, Jaywick Lane, Clacton On Sea, Essex, CO16 7BD
07932 822 819

09:00 – 22:00 Mon -Fri

About Hypnotherapy

We guide you on a journey of deep relaxation, helping you feel comfortable and relaxed, from here it is possible to peacefully suggest positive suggestions that assist you in overcoming your particular life challenge or condition.

This in conjunction with “Cognitive Hypnotherapy” we are able to create the perfect balance between consciously adjusting your behaviour and unconsciously improving your deep rooted beliefs, thoughts and perceptions that can accumulate over your life time.

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